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VDFilter is a DirectShow transform filter which allows you to use VirtualDub filters in DirectShow applications such as GraphEdit, GraphEditPlus or your own.

Download filter v1.6 and instructions (54 KB)

Acts as a video transform filter working with RGB32 video. Can easily be used in chains and more complex graphs.

Used VirtualDub filter can be configured via VDFilter's property page.

About 90% of all known VirtualDub filters work well in VDFilter. You can see full list of VDFilter-compatible filters here.

VDFilter supports IPersistStream interface meaning you can save the graph with a configured .vdf plugin to a .grf file and then when you load the graph VDFilter will load the .vdf plugin and configure it automatically.

VDFilter can be used in other programs without invoking an Open File dialog box every time it is inserted to a graph. It provides a COM interface to set .vdf file used, retrieve filter infomation and get/set filter settings. If you want to use it in your apps, contact the author.