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During last years we have developed several unique technologies in the fields of video quality enhancement and compression. Combining math knowledge with programming skills we create solutions unsurpassed by any competitors.

Video Quality Enhancement

Super Resolution

Super resolution is a method for upsizing video using information from several adjacent frames to restore details of each frame. It is capable of restoring details impossible with any image interpolation methods.

Original Original zoomed 4x Uprezzed with SR

In 2006 we introduced the first video super resolution software on the market available for end-users - Video Enhancer. Since then we have continued to improve quality and speed of this technology.


As a side effect of working on super resolution improvement we have developed a video deblocking method which can be used to improve quality of highly compressed video.

Original Deblocked

Video Compression

Lossless video compression

We also have good expertise in data compression. Our main developer is known as the author of MSU lossless codecs which remained the best in terms of compression for several years. As common interest to screencasts and desktop sharing increases, we seek to provide best technical solutions in this field too. In 2009 we released ScreenPressor - a lossless video codec designed specifically for screen video recording. While being very fast it provides the strongest lossless compression among all available codecs today.

Lossy compression (DivX, 970 kbps):

lossy compression

Lossless compression (ScreenPressor, 312 kbps):

lossless compression

Multimedia development

DirectShow expertise

While working on Video Enhancer, different codecs and other multimedia products we accumulated a lot of experience in using MS DirectShow and related technologies. Limitations of Microsoft's products for DirectShow developers, especially GraphEdit, has lead us to creation of our own tool called GraphEditPlus, our secret weapon. It provides much more information on every aspect of DirectShow filters, graphs, pins and connections, and also generates source code saving us a lot of time.