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Reducing size of screencast keeping 100% quality
It's not so rare when you record video from your screen with CamStudio, Hypercam or some other software and you get very large video file. This happens when video codec used in recording is not very good or its settings are not optimal. You could recompress the video using some lossy codec like MPEG4, but with such recompression you lose quality. Luckily, there is a better solution: use a good lossless codec made specifically for screencasts. The best one we know is ScreenPressor. Since it's not a full application but just a codec, you'll need some video converting program capable of using external codecs. One example of such a program is Video Enhancer but for this specific task there is a free alternative: VirtualDub.

VirtualDub is a versatile linear video editing program which can be used to re-compress .avi files with ScreenPressor codec to get a smaller file size. Recompressing your video while keeping original sound is really simple there.

Open the .avi file to compress into VirtualDub.
From the main menu, choose File -> Open video file...

From the main menu, choose Video -> Compression...

Select "Infognition ScreenPressor" as codec.
Click on the Configure button.

Set 200 as "Maximum interval between key frames".
Press OK in order to return back to VirtualDub main screen.

To save the .avi file with new compression codec, from the main menu, choose File -> Save as AVI... Select a name for your new file, press OK and in a few moments you're done!

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